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Our tax experts have resolved over 90% of delinquent payroll tax cases accepted by our resolution team. Most are complex matters that involve trust fund liabilities of $50,000 or more. Not every delinquent tax case presented to us is a good fit. To find out if we can help, the first step is to complete a short questionnaire. Within 24 hours a credentialed tax expert will contact you to discuss your case and where you are in the IRS collection process.  We call this a situation analysis. You'll know right away if our firm can help to fix your IRS tax problem and the next steps forward.

There are times when the best option is to dissolve a debtor entity. This is sometimes practical when accumulated IRS penalties and interest exceed the value of business assets and cash flow from operations. There are other times when a business can weather the financial storm and remain solvent with the help of trusted advisors. If your business is one that is worth saving, then scroll down to discover a new freedom inside our Business Maintenance Organization TM (BMO). Stay compliant with IRS tax laws and maintain stellar books and records to help your business thrive long term with little effort on your part.



No-cost, no-obligation situation analysis
Complete a Tax Settlement Questionnaire online or
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IRS Transcript Evaluation &
Financial Analysis (TE/FA).
Prepare and file all current and past due tax returns for last 6 years. Required to begin to negotiate with the IRS.
Prepare and submit tax resolution package to settle tax liabilities.
Disclaimer (Level III): We submit tax resoultion packages on a "best-efforts" basis and do not guarantee specific outcomes. We make no claims to settle IRS debt for pennies on the dollar. Each case is evaluated based on its own merits. Your chances of reaching a successful settlement with taxing authorities are exponentially improved with the help of an experienced IRS Enrolled Agent (EA).

The long-term health and well-being of your business requires a team of experts who can help reduce risks to your balance sheet long term. Clients who engage us to resolve their IRS tax problems are invited to join a first ever holistic support organization of professionals committed to helping you run your business on autopilot. All in one place. Membership is optional yet encouraged.

When your business is worth saving

  • Employment taxes
    are collected

  • Employment taxes
    are accounted for

  • Employment taxes
    are paid over to
    the IRS

  • Payroll tax deposits
    are made on time

  • Tax returns are filed
    on time

  • QuickBooks Online

  • and more

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5-year compliance guarantee!

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